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Electric Tentacle

My last post was a year ago, and what a year it’s been! So after finishing my masters, I joined Unit9, as a Game Developer (Unity), and was put to work on my first major project “Electric Tentacle” (produced by Chillingo). Electric Tentacle is an endless runner / side-scroller where the objective [...]

Unity – Soft Body Deformation

This will be a short but sweet post, unlike my usual novel length posts. ​ Lets get it started then. I saw something really cool today, mesh deformation with Unity. Now as you know, Unity has supported soft bodies since Unity 3 was rolled out. Specifically, simulating cloth is literally [...]

Masters Project – Reviewed

Right, it’s just been under two months since I completed my masters project, and I thought I’d do a sort of “review/feedback round-up” of the websites it got reviewed on, and what the gaming community had to say about it. Well firstly, it gathered much more attention than I thought it would. [...]

Masters Project

My masters project consisted of a comparative study between the traditional Xbox control-pad and a hybrid control system (the Xbox control-pad in unison with the Kinect). The project emphasised on exploring why the Kinect hasn’t (as of writing) penetrated the “hardcore” gamer’s market. The research [...]
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