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Cloth Simulation

A cloth simulation was written as a part of my CGI Technology module on my degree. Initial research was conducted on how a piece of cloth physically behaviours in the real world. Previous works were also researched, and their methods scrutinised, to find the most appropriate method for this cloth [...]

Terminus (Group Project)

As part of my degree, a group project was undertaken. The group consisted of 6 members each with decent skills sets (i.e programmers and artists). The group decided given the even balance of artists and programmers, that creating a game was the most interesting/appropriate project to undertake. [...]

Masters Project

My masters project consisted of a comparative study between the traditional Xbox control-pad and a hybrid control system (the Xbox control-pad in unison with the Kinect). The project emphasised on exploring why the Kinect hasn’t (as of writing) penetrated the “hardcore” gamer’s market. The research [...]
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