My masters project consisted of a comparative study between the traditional Xbox control-pad and a hybrid control system (the Xbox control-pad in unison with the Kinect).

The project emphasised on exploring why the Kinect hasn’t (as of writing) penetrated the “hardcore” gamer’s market. The research conducted identified several problems the Kinect posed, and drew that a hybrid control system, would be the best approach to solve the problems posed.

A game was then developed (which acted as a test bed) to test both control systems. Usability testing was then conducted on a small group of play testers, using both control systems within the game. Both qualitative and quantitative data was then recorded during the play, and comparisons were made.
The conclusions drawn from the critical analyse showed that users enjoyed the hybrid control system, and furthermore the system (although a little rough around the edges) could be used to efficiently control mature games (i.e. first-person shooters and role-playing games).


The project thesis can be foundĀ here.


A video of the hybrid control system used can be seen below.