A game I had worked on at my previous company unit9, has finally been released. Entitled “Astro Shark HD”, it follows the story of a shark who’s love (a dog, in this case) has been kidnapped, and it’s your job to traverse the galaxy to go and save her. The game’s main mechanic works on a orbit pulley system, where you tap a planet, and your hook pulls you toward it. Release your finger and you’ll coast back into the colourful cosmos surrounding you. To spoil your coasting fun, rockets chase you on your merry way, trying their very best to blast you out of the sky (honestly, what’s their problem?!).


The game features a linear path of 11 levels, each with their own mechanics and increasing difficulty. The final level pits your wits against the fiendish dognapper, whom after giving a good beating to, allows you to be reunited with your beloved dog. The quirkiness of this game is definitely quicker than average, but to be honest, who doesn’t like a bit of quirkiness?! Plus, the art really makes it feel special.


The game was programmed in Unity (using C#) with fellow programmers Lau Fenes and Nick McVroom.


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