Every so often, you’ll find yourself in a conversation with a fellow gamer, when the topic of favourite games will inadvertently raise its head. Whether you’ve been playing games all your life, or accidentally tripped over your first games console / PC a week ago, no doubt, you’ve got a mental favourites list to hand.

So why bother making a post about this? Good question. Well once you start discussing your favourite games, you’ll soon see that these games are special. Firstly, you’ve trawled your way through the jungle of games for years, and came out the other side with these gems (debatably, snigger). Secondly, these games, for better or worse, represent your taste and preferences. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the cue to break out the brandy, monocles, and mild-mannered snobbery, over which games are better than others. Nor is it the time to choose the most obscure art-driven game you can think of to impress the hipsters at the local bar. This is the time to reminisce over those games, that after you’d played, left a huge smile on your face.

Notice, I keep using the word “favourite”, which never ever means “best”. These are two very different things. Sure, I could compile a list of 10 games which I think are the best, which have pioneered the gaming industry. But that ladies and gentleman would be boring. What wouldn’t be boring (hopefully) would be to laugh, disagree and throw things at the screen, as I pick my top ten all time gaming favourites. In no particular order, here it goes.




I hope that was fun, and by all means, tell me your favourite games, in the comments below.