These links are a chaotic concoction of people I admire / have learnt from, useful articles and everything in between. Knock yourself out.


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N.B. This isn’t a hall of fame, just people who’s blogs I like reading. So if you’re not there, it’s probably because I haven’t discovered your blog yet 🙂

Ben Pitt

Bob Berkebile

Byron Atkinson-Jones

Cat Burton

Creative Chris

David Rzepa

Emil Johansen

Games For Change

Garoo Games

George Allan

Glorious Train Wrecks

Nick Mcvroom

Ray Tracey

Simian Squared

Sophie Houlden

Tom Jackson



Shader Performance Tips

CG Programming with Unity Wikibook

GLSL Programming with Unity Wikibook



Smoothly Import 2D Content into Unity



Unity Park Suite


Fluid Dynamics:




Unity Advanced Manual – Yeah I know looks portentous, but I like it, since there’s so many diverse cutting edge topics. My inner nerd rejoices.

Unity Tips Feed

Google Custom Unity Search



Dead End Thrills

What If?

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