Well hello there *waves*. Since my blog mainly dedicated to the technical side of Unity, I thought I’d ease up (it’s Summer after all) and talk about some games I’ve played recently. By no means do I want to ramble on paragraph, after paragraph, with a detailed critique, since let’s face it the people at IGN, RPS, (insert your favorite games review site here) can do a much better job, than I ever could. This post will be looking at games which I think have stood out for one reason or another in recent memory; be it a for single mechanic, artist style, or maybe I just thought it was barrels of fun. Right first up, let’s start not with a wimper, but a bang!


The Walking Dead by Telltale Games



I can hands down, sure fired, rooting-tooting, some other catchy phrase of words, say that I absolutely loved this game. People can debate over whether it’s a game or cinematic experience all day, all I know is that I loved it. In terms of a story telling experience it has be right up there, so much so *controversial point warning* I would say it eclipses games, such as L.A. Noire (which I also thought was great). I wouldn’t say it topped my personal favorite “Mafia” in terms cinematic experiences, but I was salivating at the screen throughout the twists and turns of the beautiful storyline. One mechanic, I thought was extra special, was providing the player with two choices, which were equally as horrifying as the other; reminiscent, of the “Would You Rather” game, i.e. “Would you rather be a billionaire, or Spider Man”. I’ll let you ponder on that one. Adding a countdown timer, to force your decision on said choice, also heightened the tension, so much so, that my co-workers would routinely hear me sigh, after each one. It’s a tough life, living in a zombie apocalypse… who would have thought. I can’t praise this game high enough, so if you haven’t played it, give it a go. This game pretty much moved me to tears during the closing scenes, and I can’t say that about many games (although I’ve heard Superman 64, does the trick every time).





Getting the game train to the other end of the tracks now, a game that I’ve been playing on the tube (that fits in nicely with my train analogy) is Slayin. The reason why this game is very much so on the other side of the tracks, is that it’s world purely revolves around a few long loved game mechanics. Think hack ‘n’ slash, life bars, armour and a non-existant story. As soon as I started playing it, my 8-year inner child rejoiced, as fond memories of a “Link to the Past” came rushing back. The game can be pretty much summed up, by imagining if Link got trapped in “The Perpetual Dungeon of Doom”, being besieged by wave after wave of enemies, with only: fast button bashing, limited coins for upgrades and many-a-boss battle to keep him entertained. At first I wasn’t a fan, but let me tell you it’s addictive. It’s just basic, uncomplicated fun. Like twister, or someone’s voice on helium. 


Anyway, there you go short and sweet. Two games that I’ve played in the last couple of weeks, that stood out for me. Have a play, see what you think.