Right, finally time to put into words what I’ve been working on for the last 6 months. The first of those words being “I AM PLAYR Mobile”. Yes, I have been developing the mobile instalment of the popular web game of the same name. Based on (but not a carbon copy) of the web game, I have been [...]

Astro Shark HD

  A game I had worked on at my previous company unit9, has finally been released. Entitled “Astro Shark HD”, it follows the story of a shark who’s love (a dog, in this case) has been kidnapped, and it’s your job to traverse the galaxy to go and save her. The game’s main mechanic works on a [...]


As part of my personal inquiry module at University, I decided I wanted to make a game that specifically used the Microsoft Kinect. Having recently read (at the time) that the Kinect had been “hacked” (the usb driver) so that it could be connected via a PC, this sparked my interest to create a [...]

Masters Project – Reviewed

Right, it’s just been under two months since I completed my masters project, and I thought I’d do a sort of “review/feedback round-up” of the websites it got reviewed on, and what the gaming community had to say about it. Well firstly, it gathered much more attention than I thought it would. [...]

Masters Project

My masters project consisted of a comparative study between the traditional Xbox control-pad and a hybrid control system (the Xbox control-pad in unison with the Kinect). The project emphasised on exploring why the Kinect hasn’t (as of writing) penetrated the “hardcore” gamer’s market. The research [...]
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