Right, it’s just been under two months since I completed my masters project, and I thought I’d do a sort of “review/feedback round-up” of the websites it got reviewed on, and what the gaming community had to say about it.

Well firstly, it gathered much more attention than I thought it would. Within the space of 5 weeks, since uploading to YouTube it has gathered just over 13,000 views. It also featured on roughly 15 or so websites, with all positive reviews (which is surprising, since I expected a few mixed ones too – which I did get from quite a few gamers).

The project was featured on various Kinect developer community websites.  Links to the some of the reviews can be seen below.

Dashhacks – “Kinect and Unity3D First Person Shooter”

123 Kinect – “Student Shows That Kinect and Gamepad Work Pretty Well”

Kinectaku – “Masters Project Shows How Hybrid Games Should Work”

Kinect Hacks – “Hybrid Control Scheme Using an Xbox Game Pad and Kinect”

Hack-a-day – “Hybrid Control Scheme Using an Xbox Game and Kinect”