Right, finally time to put into words what I’ve been working on for the last 6 months. The first of those words being “I AM PLAYR Mobile”. Yes, I have been developing the mobile instalment of the popular web game of the same name. Based on (but not a carbon copy) of the web game, I have been [...]
Marks out of 10

Game Roundup Review #1

Well hello there *waves*. Since my blog mainly dedicated to the technical side of Unity, I thought I’d ease up (it’s Summer after all) and talk about some games I’ve played recently. By no means do I want to ramble on paragraph, after paragraph, with a detailed critique, since let’s face it the [...]
Astro Shark HD Screenshot

Astro Shark HD (Unity, C#)

  A game I had worked on at my previous company unit9, has finally been released. Entitled “Astro Shark HD”, it follows the story of a shark who’s love (a dog, in this case) has been kidnapped, and it’s your job to traverse the galaxy to go and save her. The game’s main mechanic works on a [...]
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Unity Version Control (What to Include in your Repository)

I’ve heard this question a few times among developers, and everyone seems to have a different answer. “Include the library files”, one developer would say, “Nonsense! Exclude them with these exceptions” another would say. But no-one seemed to be 100% sure, as to which files and why. So I made it my [...]
Donkey Kong Country

My Top 10

Every so often, you’ll find yourself in a conversation with a fellow gamer, when the topic of favourite games will inadvertently raise its head. Whether you’ve been playing games all your life, or accidentally tripped over your first games console / PC a week ago, no doubt, you’ve got a mental [...]
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